Shelly Van Goeye

Soul Rejuvenation Coach

From the time I was young, I’ve had the ability to get quiet and reflective. Some thought I was moody, but I just thought I was a ‘thinker’ – you know, a ‘contemplator’.

I found myself observing others, questioning, and wondering what they were thinking, what was going on in their lives, and noticing how they were feeling.

Some adults said I had wisdom beyond my years. They wondered how I knew things. I just thought everyone knew it and wondered why they didn’t.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I’d been given an incredible gift – I have an innate ability to connect with people at a deep level, and create a safe, open space for them to be real and share from the heart.

It is my calling.

It is my calling to do the deep, inner work needed to help women re-connect to their soul’s voice. It is my calling to help women unearth and recover their lost dreams and desires for their lives. It is my privledge to help women re-discover what gives them their deepest joy and reignite their purpose.

I have trained for this.

It took a process of radical listening and deep learning to find my way back to my gifts and my calling.

I went back to school.

I am a Certified Professional Integrative Coach, trained by the Ford Institute in California.

What is an Integrative Coach?

Integrative Coaching is the work of integrating the shadow parts of our selves. It’s about bringing light to the darkness – to the spiritual and psychological wounds, which exist in each of our lives. These often hidden parts of our selves have to be healed before we can truly move forward in our lives.


“Fundamentally, authenticity is about you being you. Fully. It’s about being yourself – understanding, owning, acknolwedging, appreciating, and expressing all of who you are – both the light and the dark.”  Mike Robbins, Author of ‘Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken’


I also trained to become a Certified Professional Coach, with additional certification in Relationship, Spiritual, and Bereavement coaching. All of this training to meet you where you are.

I went back to the studio.

I’m a glass and metal artist. And, I have seen how the beauty and strength of these materials are forged in the fire. As it is with glass and metal, so it is with the soul. All the trials we face – the painful and challenging experiences in our lives, serve to forge our soul. Through the process of meeting our pain where it is, we are strengthened, and we evolve into the next phase of our lives.

To get to the heart of things.

The life lessons in the studio, the integrative coaching, my own experiences in life – all of it has prepared me to be your guide through a creative, get-to- the-heart-of-things process to help you find your way back to your self.

I call it Soul Rejuvenation

And, I am a Soul Rejuvenation Coach. I help women access and reclaim their authentic selves. It is where their true power lies. And, I help them live a life of purpose, passion and freedom.

Your Soul Work

In my coaching, we do the inner work. We dive deep to understand, know, grow and evolve the essence of who you are. It is your Soul work. And, we will do it together.


We get you to that quiet place to tune in and listen for the messages of your soul.


We clear out the internal junk that’s standing between you and the life you long to live.


We find the path forward for you, and work through the changes you need to make, to become the woman you’re meant to be.