Break Free ~ Live a Life of Freedom, Purpose & Passion

Is your Soul trying to get your attention?

Are you feeling trapped? Does maintaining the ‘status quo’ feel almost unbearable?

Do you feel like it’s time to make real changes, but that feels overwhelming or even impossible?

This is your soul talking.

It’s inviting you to tune in and pay attention.

Your soul is inviting you to begin the journey back to yourself.

‘The Revolution Begins Within’, as Gloria Steinman’s book says it.

“Shelly exudes compassion and understanding. At the end of our first session, I had a renewed sense of peace and hope.”
Liz P

Change is possible.

It can feel impossible. It can feel like things will never change. I know. I’ve been there.

But, I also know it is possible!

Change comes from deep within. It comes from, compassionately and without judgement, shining light on those dark places in our being. Those places that need love, understanding and attention. Those places that need to be healed.

“Shelly has a deep and thorough understanding of complicated dynamics of life change. She is also a close and careful listener. As a coach, she is skilled at coupling this knowledge with empathy and accountability to help clients move through the mire of emotion to achieve healing. She has helped me see clearly so I can cope and thrive in some of the most challenging moments.”
Debra H

It’s a sacred journey, this act of listening to the soul.

It requires you to tune in to her messages. And, decide whether you’ll respond. It means stepping out bravely as you make the changes your soul desires.

Listening. Deciding. Taking Action.

It’s a brave path. And, you don’t have to travel it alone.

In my coaching, we do the inner work, and we do it together. We dive deep to understand, know, grow and evolve the essence of who you are.

We are doing the work of uncovering your true self. Your Soul work.

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Through the process of going deep, and listening, and reconnecting to your intuition, your authentic, divine, feminine power is re-born.

Through the process of bringing light to the dark places of the soul, you heal those emotional and spiritual wounds which are so much a part of life.

Through the process of making the changes you’re being called to make, you will feel more alive. More vibrant! And, you begin to live your life on purpose.

This is the path to freedom!

“Having Shelly, as a coach, is a treat, she offers more than high skills but wisdom of the heart. She embraced me in a way I felt safe to totally open up, allowing what was hidden to surface for me in order to embrace and heal. She educated me first, and with confidence and determination, held me accountable for my own transformation. The result I experienced, was personal empowerment. I highly recommend Shelly to any one ready to remodel their life.”
V. Lopez (Arizona)

You’ll be amazed at how deep we can go, and how far we can get, together!

Freedom, power and passion lie on the other side of this journey for you.

Join the Freedom Revolution.