“The Revolution Begins Within”  

Gloria Steinem

So many of us are walking around stressed out, numbed out, having panic attacks & going to bed thinking :

There’s got to be more to life that this!

We’ve given up on our dreams and aspirations, and we’ve stopped doing things that truly make us happy. The rat race keeps us running.  It keeps us numbing out our emotions, our experiences and our circumstances.

That is, until something catches our attention.

A major loss, a broken relationship, an illness or we simply get tired of feeling numb.

We lie awake at night in a state of panic because the thought of living the rest of our lives like this feels like a prison sentence.

This is your soul beginning to revolt.

It is trying to get your attention, shake you awake, and redirect your time, talent, and attention.

Will you listen to its call?

Hello, and welcome.

My name is Shelly Van Goeye.

I’m a Soul Rejuvenation coach.

When your soul seeks your attention, it’s a sacred invitation to awaken, and live your life’s purpose. I’m here to help you listen. 

Together, we focus on the inner work – we dive deep to understand, know and evolve the essence of who you are.  This is the work of feeding your soul, and I would be honoured to do this work with you.

Are you ready to…


Are you ready to…

Reclaim your power, passion & purpose!

Feed your soul. Free your spirit.