When uncomfortable feelings arise our tendency is to rid them by ignoring them or reacting in ways that do not serve us in the long run. Here are 4 quick tips to quickly process and continue moving forward throughout your day.

4 Quick Tips

  • Breathe – Holding our breath traps the negative or uncomfortable feelings we are experiencing and prevents them from flowing through us. Consciously breathing, enables us to keep the negative energy moving through us so we do not end up carrying it and holding in our bodies.
  • Observe – While you are breathing, notice what emotions are present for you. What are you feeling? What kicked up this emotion? Allow yourself to observe without placing any judgment on yourself. We can learn a lot about who we are by observing what is happening internally. This heightened awareness creates a deeper understanding and provides a safe place within for the negative energy to diffuse.
  • Practice Self Care – Ask your self, “What do I need right now?” “What could I do that would be loving to myself?” Honor yourself by taking the steps, and give yourself what you need. We are usually really good about taking care of others in this way. Treat yourself as well as you would treat another.
  • Give yourself permission– You are worth it!